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5 Tips For Making a Long Drive Back To College

From that photography class that you can’t wait to begin to the anticipation of afternoon football games, there are tons of reasons to be excited about your next semester of college. However, if you’re heading to an out-of-state college this fall, one thing you’re probably not looking forward to is the long car ride back. Use these five easy tips make the drive back to school easier and less stressful.

  • Catch up on your sleep. The night before you make your drive, make sure you head to bed early. Getting plenty of sleep the night before you drive will help you stay alert and awake when you’re on the road. Don’t worry — there will be plenty of time for all-nighters once the semester starts!
  • Make sure your windows are clear. If you’re heading back to college, you might be bringing a ton of clothing, dorm accessories, or school supplies with you. Make sure that your bags and boxes aren’t blocking your back window or any of your mirrors before you hit the road.
  • Chew gum. The repetitive motion of chewing gum increases circulation and improves your ability to focus on the road. Choose a mint flavor for a burst of freshness and alertness.
  • Map out your route. Even if you’re an amazing driver, mom and dad will probably be worried sick the whole time you’re on the road. Map out your route and give your parents an estimated time of arrival before you leave. Don’t forget to call when you get back to school to tell them you arrived safely!
  • Only travel in cars that are roadworthy. Making a long journey in a car that’s been involved in an accident can be a recipe for danger. Make sure you get collision repair in Levittown, PA before you go back to school if your vehicle has been damaged in an accident.

Have you been involved in an accident this summer? Schedule your collision repair in Bensalem, PA with Peruzzi Collision Center before you make the journey back to school. Give our team a call today at 215-375-7929 to make your appointment.

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