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‘Buy Here Pay Here’ and Other Financing Options from PA Auto Credit

No matter how good or bad your credit might be, PA Auto Credit will do all that we can to get you the financing you need to pay for the vehicle of your dreams. Our staff works with residents in Philadelphia, PA, Bucks County, PA, and Trenton, NJ, to secure the lowest interest rates and down payments possible. Even the strictest of budgets can find comprehensive auto finance options with us.

No matter what credit problems you may have experienced in the past, PA Auto Credit has auto lending programs available just for you, including Buy Here Pay Here options. Even if you’ve had tax liens, judgments, a discharged bankruptcy, or have been through a divorce, we can help you obtain an auto loan, save you time and money, and get you in a new car today.

We strive to make getting and maintaining your auto loan as easy as possible. We accept all online payments and offer dealership financing options through the variety of Peruzzi dealerships we work with in the Fairless Hills, PA, area. Whether you have bad credit and repo and need a car or are looking to buy a car with bankruptcy, you can get started with us by filling out our online credit application.

We Can Help You Buy a Car with Bankruptcy

Navigating the traditional auto lending landscape can be difficult, especially if you have a bad financial history. It can often be hard to find car dealerships that accept bad credit and repos on your record. Why not bypass it altogether?

Clients come to us for help finding the means to buy a car for several reasons, with one of the most common concerns being that they were denied auto loans in the past thanks to bankruptcy on their record. These clients benefit from our Buy Here Pay Here programs. Residents of Philadelphia, PA, Bucks County, PA, and Trenton, NJ have all been able to secure their own vehicle with the help of BHPH from PA Auto Credit.

"My Car Got Repossesed!"  No Need to Worry!

Even if you have had the unfortunate experience of being on the business end of the repo company’s tow truck, we can still make sure you can buy a car with repo on your record with the help of our Fresh Start Financing program. How can we do that? By offering Buy Here Pay Here options, of course! PA Auto Credit partners with Peruzzi dealership financing departments across the area to help those whose records have bad credit and repo who need a new car.

We know that Buy Here Pay Here isn’t the solution to every issue with your credit and auto finance woes. With that said, of course, we know that BHPH can be a reasonable means for many in the process of buying a car after repo to obtain the necessary financing to get behind the wheel. If you find yourself thinking to yourself, “my car got repossessed, how will I ever be approved for a new one,” turn to PA Auto Credit!

Apply Online Today!

Once you’ve learned all about Buy Here Pay Here and the problems it can solve for those looking to buy a car with repo or bankruptcy on our record, we encourage you to fill out our online credit application to get started on the road to your new vehicle. PA Auto Credit works with various Peruzzi car dealerships that accept bad credit and repos to help our customers overcome their financial roadblocks. Our network of affiliated dealerships includes:

• Peruzzi Buick GMC

•  Peruzzi Mazda

•  Peruzzi Mitsubishi

•  Peruzzi Nissan

•  Peruzzi Toyota

•  Quakertown Mitsubishi

Stop worrying about how you’re going to pay for a car. Buying a car after repo or other bad credit history is easy with Buy Here Pay Here and bad credit auto loans available from PA Auto Credit!