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Please view our policy on return payments here.

Effective November 1, 2016

Returned Check / ACH Policy

When paying your loan with us by personal check or electronic Automated Clearing House (ACH), returns are a possibility.  Returned items could be due to not having sufficient funds in your account at the time the item is presented to your bank or it could be a conscience decision like a “stop payment”.  In any case, on a return item, our office is charged and that fee will be assessed to your account. 

Any returned item will need to be made good by certified funds such as cash, money order, certified check, etc. within 24 hours of the time our office had received word.  In most situations, your financial institution will notify you of the return a day or two in advance of our knowledge. 

The fees assessed cannot be waived unless we have, in writing, a statement from your bank or credit union showing this return was a institutional error and not caused by you as the customer.  The letter would need to be received prior to our system assessing the fee to your account.  The fees to be assessed are as follows:

Insufficient Funds - $30
Uncollected Funds - $30
Authorization Revoked - $50
Stopped Payment - $50
All Other Return Types - $60

If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact our office by calling 800-736-4450 or sending us an E-Mail at [email protected].

** On the 2nd returned item your account will be flagged for Cash or Money Order payments only.

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