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4 Ways to "Spring Clean" Your Life This Season 

Spring cleaning for your home is a great way to start out the warmer season—but what about spring cleaning for the other areas of your life? After you’ve finished decluttering that closet and emptying old filing cabinets, use our favorite tips to “clean” a few other things.

  • Clean out your diet. Everyone gains a little weight during the holidays—and spring is the perfect time to get back on track if you’re working towards weight-loss goals. Clean out your kitchen of any unhealthy snacks or dishes and create a shopping list full of delicious and nutritious options.

  • Give your finances a tune-up. Sit down with your bank and credit card statements and assess your financial health. Are you happy with the amount that you’re spending and saving? If you’d like to save more money, try using a budgeting app like Mint or You Need a Budget to get yourself back on track.

  • Create a five-year plan. Spring is a season full of new possibilities. If you’re not satisfied in your current job or career, create a five-year plan to help yourself visualize an attainable goal for your life. You may want to consider going back to school, attending a training seminar, or applying for a new company to move towards what you’d really like to be doing!

  • Reinvigorate your passion. The rush of the holidays, a new baby, or the stress of a job can make it difficult to stay in touch with our hobbies and passions. Use this spring to make an effort to reconnect with what brings you joy. Whether it’s learning a new language or finally giving that yoga class a try, there’s no better time to start than right now.

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