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5 Winter Dangers That May Have Damaged Your Vehicle

This past winter was surely one for the history books! Between record low temperatures and an unseasonably late nor'easter storm passing through, drivers across the state are facing vehicle troubles stemming from the harsh toll of winter.

If you've noticed damage to your car, truck, or SUV, one of these winter hazards is likely the culprit:

  • Potholes. Pennsylvania's roads are notoriously full of potholes, which can make driving during the winter season especially dangerous. The American Automobile Association has even named this past season the "season of potholes," thanks to the immense toll that a harsh winter has taken on the roads.

  • Black ice. "Black ice" is a term for virtually invisible patches of ice that settle on the road and trick drivers into thinking that the coast is clear. If you lost control of your vehicle out of nowhere and suffered a collision, black ice may have been the cause.

  • Roadway obstructions. After a windy storm like this month's nor'easter, it's likely that you saw a number of stray tree branches littering the road. These road obstructions can cause accidents in even the most careful of drivers, especially at night.

  • Extreme temperatures. If you've been feeling a little more chilly this winter compared to last year, you're not going crazy. According to Penn Live and the National Weather Service, 2018 has already seen record-breaking cold temperatures, which can put a serious strain on your vehicle's battery. If your vehicle seems to have trouble starting up like it used to, extreme cold may be to blame.

  • Increased accidents. Winter combines all of these hazards on the road at the same time, which leads to more cars being backed up for longer periods of time. This naturally leads to an increased number of accidents, which can cause all types of damage.

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