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College Students: Do You Need a Car for the Fall Semester?

Most college students are on a pretty tight budget as well as a tight schedule. When it comes to juggling classes, lab practicals, exams, extracurricular activities, internships, and work, many college students find that a car can help them to better manage and plan their days. If you're heading back to college in the fall, a car might be the one investment that you make in yourself that ends up improving your entire year. Here are the most common reasons college students choose to buy a car before heading back for the fall semester.

  • College students work weird hours. College students are rarely able to work a standard nine-to-five job, meaning that public transportation can become an issue. As everyone who lives in Philadelphia or New Jersey knows, public transportation can be spotty and unreliable, and often may stop shortly after midnight. This means that college students who work at nightclubs, restaurants, or in other industries that regularly let out late can be left without a ride home

  • College students want to take advantage of Buy Here Pay Here. Most college students have either no credit or poor credit history; this can make getting into a necessary vehicle difficult. With PA Auto Credit's Buy here pay here program in Philadelphia, college students can get into the cars they need regardless of past credit history.

  • College students commute to class. As tuition charges rise seemingly every year, more and more college students are choosing to save money by living at home and commuting to school. Some students commute up to an hour each way going to class- an hour's commute in a car can mean up to three hours on public transportation. For most college students living at home, a car is a necessity to making it to class on time.

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