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Payments Made Easy

Trying to receive a decent auto loan with bad credit or when dealing with financial difficulty can be a headache. At PA Auto Credit, our goal is to help drivers with bad credit get an auto loan in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas. We are constantly looking for new ways to simplify the car loan process.

One way we make this process easier is through our online payment portal. Regarded as a new frontier in payment processing, this system helps you make your car payments and manage your account online.

Once we set you up with a car loan and vehicle, we will provide you with your registration information our payment processor will start you off with a username and a temporary password. After you have access to your account, you can conveniently make a one-time payment online or have recurring auto payments.

There are many benefits to using our online payment portal to make your payment.

24/7 Access

If you work a traditional 9-to-5 job, it can be hard to make time to pay your auto bills. This might mean taking time away from your lunch break to run errands and make phone calls or waiting until your day off and risking late fees and penalties. When you work through the portal, you don’t need to worry about what time the bank or your lender is open when you need to make a payment.

Email Confirmation for Each Completed Payment

This helps you keep better track of your finances—you can even quickly forward your confirmation to your accountant or online financial management system.

Ability to Print a Receipt

Prefer to manage your finances the old-fashioned way? You can also use the portal feature to print a receipt. This can be an especially useful feature if you have an area in your office where you keep all of your receipts to enter into a physical checkbook or spending sheet later on.

Getting a Payoff Quote

Thinking about paying off your vehicle early? Or do you just want to know when you’ll finally be done with your loan payments? Use the payoff quote feature to get a better idea of how you can manage your loan in the future and pay as little interest as possible.

Access to Your Account History

This includes the date and amount paid, as well as the payment method. Like getting an email confirmation for each of your completed payments, unlimited and instantaneous access to your account history helps make it easier to keep track of your finances and manage your money.

Obtaining PassTime or ON TIME Code

Need an emergency code? Generate a new PassTime or ON TIME code for your account directly through the portal feature included with your loan.

Make Payments Separately Against All Balances

Life happens—and sometimes you might not have enough cash in the bank to make your payment each month. With your portal profile, you can make all of your payments using one convenient guide.

Automatic payments make things even easier for you. You can make a payment through ACH processing (checking and savings account) or your credit card, ensuring that your payment will go through on time. Through the portal, you can also view your payoff time, which is the total amount of money you have left on your loan.

The payment portal is just one perk of choosing PA Auto Credit. We are known for our quick approvals and the convenience of our secure online credit application. You can take advantage of our fresh start financing and Buy Here Pay Here program to get back in the driver’s seat.

If you wish to learn more about our convenient online payment system or how you can buy a car when dealing with bankruptcy in Bucks County, PA, you can reach out to us by calling 800-371-1769 or visiting our website to fill out a contact form.

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