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Start 2017 Behind the Wheel of Your Next Car

Here at PA Auto Credit, people with problematic credit in Bucks County, PA and its neighboring communities have been taking advantage of our Buy Here Pay Here program to get themselves behind the wheel of new and used cars for years. However, 2016 was an especially successful year for not just us, but more importantly for the many new customers we’ve served. With that in mind, we’re looking to build upon our success by helping even more people in our service area acquire the financial assistance they need to get a car.

If 2017 is going to be your year, but you need a car to meet your goals, read on to learn about PA Auto Credit’s Buy Here Pay Here program and how it can help you do so.

What is Buy Here Pay Here?

Simply put: Buy Here Pay Here means that you can make payments on a car directly to the dealership from which you bought it.

Why do people use Buy Here Pay Here?

Typically, when a person buys a car, he or takes out a loan to pay for it. These loans are given by financial institutions, and the buyer makes monthly payments to those institutions until their vehicle is paid off. However, some people cannot buy cars because traditional lenders will not work with them due to bad credit or an otherwise troubled financial past. Buy Here Pay Here is a way to work around this system and eliminate credit history from the equation.

Who is eligible for Buy Here Pay Here?

Virtually anyone with a source of income can get a car through Buy Here Pay Here.

How can I find use Buy Here Pay Here to get a car?

All you have to do is contact us. We will work with our network of affiliated dealerships to get you behind the wheel right away. In fact, you can even get this process started right here on our website.

Despite the fact that our local area’s economy hasn’t recovered quite as fast as we would like, it is nonetheless trending upward. While that is undoubtedly a good thing, some residents are going to need more time to see their personal finances see the same movement in the right direction. For them, we are here to eliminate their concerns about having reliable transportation.

Contact us today if you live near Trenton, NJ and ask about our Buy Here Pay Here program to get behind the wheel of a car in no time. 1-800-736-4450

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